Video: Discovering Chin State. Study Trip for EU and Member States

May 22nd, 2019

Between March 25-28, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Yangon Office (AICSY), along with representatives from Sweden, Poland, France and the Netherlands, took part in a preliminary Study Trip to Chin State organized by the EU Delegation to Myanmar. The purpose of the mission was to gain insight into development challenges in the region and explore room for joint interventions.

Chin State, which borders India, Bangladesh and Myanmar’s Rakhine, Magwe and Sagaing regions, is the poorest and least-developed state in the country. The population of 500,000 (2014 Census) live across 1,400 villages that sparsely occupy a rugged land of 36,000 square-kilometers. For centuries, the people of Chin State have lived in isolation from the rest of the country, with limited access to health, education, basic infrastructure and job opportunities. Here is video footage shot during the mission.



At the heart of the Study Trip to Chin State, was a joint analysis of ongoing programs and activities towards social cohesion, local governance, community development and gender, with an opportunity for the EU representatives and Member States to meet with local CSOs and key stakeholders to discuss development strategies in the area.

The remote Chin State is a priority area of intervention for the Italian Cooperation, that has been working closely with the Myanmar Government to enable isolated Chin rural communities to access electricity (through the Italian Contribution to the National Electrification Project – NEP-IT) and basic infrastructure services (funding the National Community Driven Development Project - NCDDP).


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